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Overseas Property Investors Guide

Investment Property Buyers Guide

One of the first things that investors consider when they buy an overseas investment property is location. Each location will have its' own benefits. Some markets may be mature and offer guaranteed rental but low capital appreciation while other markets may offer no or low guaranteed rental but strong capital appreciation. What all canny investors want though is BOTH ! (guaranteed rental income and strong capital appreciation).

The most important factors which help when making your decision on where to invest are:
  • GDP of country
  • Growth or expected growth of local area (economic and population)
  • History of the Economy
  • Political Landscape
  • Taxation and Legal Situation
  • Information on any EU/International building initiatives.

    It is also recommended that you read investment articles which will help you to make the right investment choice.

    Term of Investment
    Some investments are short term (18 months -5 years) while other investments with long term finance attached may run for 10-20 years. It's up to you as an investor what length of investment suits you and your lifestyle best. We can help you with this decision.

    It has never been easier for investors to secure loans and with the Irish economy doing so well for so many years, many more people can now afford to invest overseas while borrowing in Ireland or in the country where they invest. Contact us if you wish to get details on property finance.

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